Pronexus Introduces VeoConnect& for Microsoft Speech Server 2004

Pronexus announced the release of VeoConnect, its speech-enabled auto attendant for Microsoft Speech Server 2004.   VeoConnect connects callers with their intended destination, enabling them to reach any department or employee by using their voice. This removes the dial-by-name experience and eliminates the need to remember extension numbers.   While speech-enabled auto-attendants are increasingly used by large organizations, VeoConnect is designed for small and medium enterprises.  It delivers features such as: 

  • Dial by voice: Callers say employee names, departments or extensions to get connected
  • Turnkey voice user interface with touchtone fallback and live operator options
  • Flexible speech recognition parameters. Options include recognition of first and last names, first or last name only, nicknames, department names, and extension numbers spoken as individual digits or as whole numbers.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Regular-hours and after-hours call routing, holiday notification greetings, and company-wide announcements.
  • Online dictionary with phonetic information of many popular names. Dictionary is continuously updated and optimized by Pronexus' linguistic staff.
  • Built-in support for multiple recognition results - when the system has found more than one possible match to a caller's request, it presents options to the caller so they can choose the intended destination.
  • Administration: Web-based administration console for managing system settings and employee information
  • Detailed reporting capabilities - average call duration, hours of day when peak call volumes occurred, number of calls per hour, etc.

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