Research In Motion Embeds VoiceSignal Speech Recognition on BlackBerry

Research In Motion embedded a speech solution from VoiceSignal in its new BlackBerry 8800 smartphone.

VoiceSignal's VSuite dialing application integrates with the address book on the BlackBerry 8800 enabling users to dial numbers or contacts with a voice command.

Because VoiceSignal's VSuite solution ships directly embedded in the smartphone, there is no fee to download and use the application. VSuite will work out of the box with no training required, and launches with a press of a button.

VSuite is available on the BlackBerry 8800 in the following languages: US English, UK English, French, Canadian French, German, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Russian.

Users can also launch the VSuite application from a wired or Bluetooth wireless headset, with a push of a button.  For example, a user can press a button on the headset and say, "Call Joe Smith, work" to initiate the call.

In addition to launching the set of features in VSuite for hands-free eyes-free dialing, the BlackBerry 8800 implements some voice calling features including:

  • Smart Dialing of Company Extensions: Users can call the corporate desk phone of their co-workers by speaking the words "call extension" followed by the extension number. The BlackBerry 8800 will dial the preset main line, pause momentarily upon connecting to the switchboard, and then automatically dial the extension number.
  • Automatic Updates of New Contacts: New contacts added to the BlackBerry Address Book, whether directly on the handset or via the user's desktop contact management software (such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes), are available for voice-activated dialing from the BlackBerry 8800.
  • Identical Names Handling: In the case where there are two contacts with the same name in the user's address book, the caller is further prompted to name the contact's company. For example, the user can say "call John Smith" and be prompted to identify if the John Smith they want to call is at Company ABC or Company XYZ.

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