Rhetorical Organizes 'Text-to-Speech World' to Highlight the Power of Text-to-Speech Software

EDINBUGH, SCOTLAND - Scottish-based company Rhetorical is one of the world's providers of text-to-speech, with a range of voices in different languages, different regional accents and different speaking styles. To demonstrate what can be achieved with text-to-speech, Rhetorical is organizing Text-to-Speech World in Edinburgh on September 4-5, 2003. This 2-day meeting will bring together Rhetorical's partners and customers to review recent developments in text-to-speech technology and deployments, to evaluate new product and application requirements, and to bring attendees up to speed on new features and product lines. Marc Moens, CEO of Rhetorical, said: "Text-to-speech has matured significantly over the past few years, and there are a number of impressive speech deployments out there that make use of our technology. Text-to-speech world will provide plenty of opportunity for formal and informal interaction and exchange of ideas with Rhetorical staff, application developers and customers. You will be able to find out what Rhetorical and its partners can do for you."
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