Roche Integrates Loquendo's Text-to-speech Technology

TURIN, Italy and SAO PAULO, Brazil - Roche integrated Loquendo's Text to Speech into its automated call centre.

Through this agreement, Loquendo's Text to Speech (TTS) software has been incorporated using an interactive voice response (IVR). Roche's customers can now call the service 24 hours a day, while previously the service was available only during business hours by means of a staffed call centre. Roche's IVR was developed by CTI Dealer using one E1 Board as the telephony interface.

Roche set up a call centre for its product - a tester for people with diabetes, called Accuchek - giving customers information on drugstores stocking the product. Now this service has been automated, customers dial in their postcode and are given the details of the nearest two drugstores where they can find Accuchek.

"This partnership is a perfect fit for Roche's strategy. With the integration, we were able to bring a 30% reduction of calls routed to the call centre," says Alexandre Baccaro - Accucheck Responde supervisor. "Besides providing high quality technology, Loquendo has also enabled us to provide higher quality customer care, giving our customers 24 hour database access to over 3000 drugstores."

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