Royal 4 Systems and Vangard Voice Systems Partner

Royal 4 Systems, a supply chain software provider, and Vangard Voice Systems, provider of the AccuSpeech Mobile Voice Platform, announced a partnership to deliver affordable voice-enabled warehouse management system applications to price-sensitive warehouse markets.  

Royal 4 Systems will now offer its WISE Warehouse Management System with high-productivity voice-directed capabilities, powered by Vangard's device-resident, 'server-less' voice-user interface. The alliance will provide a broader base of companies and industries an affordable market-leading, fully voice-powered WMS solution that further increases order accuracy, speeds customer responsiveness, and delivers immediate cost savings. 

Customer's using Royal 4 Warehouse applications will have all their voice translation functions, capabilities and features delivered from their mobile device of choice, instead of their servers. Royal 4 warehouse applications, powered by Vangard Voice will provide a comprehensive voice-user interface for voice data-entry, application and device controls, voice-prompting, and rapid WMS text-to-speech commands. 

"For too long warehouse voice productivity has been reserved for the largest of companies that can afford the substantial price tag and lengthy ROIs associated with implementing complex and costly server-dependent solutions," said Jess Noguera, president and CEO of Royal 4 Systems. "Now, with Royal 4 System's applications powered by Vangard Voice Systems' 'server-less' voice architecture, more of our customers can use voice technology to maximize inventory accuracy, order throughput, speed response time, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs."

"Our partnership with Royal 4 Systems and their market leading WMS demonstrates precisely how companies can empower their workforce right now, instead of later; achieve immediate short-term cost reductions… without breaking the bank," said Bob Bova, president and CEO of Vangard Voice Systems. "Particularly now, in an uncertain and struggling economy, every company is looking for that affordable technology accelerator that can drive faster customer service while substantially reducing costs. Vangard's device-resident voice architecture provides any company the leverage to affordably deploy proven voice productivity and accuracy to their mobile workforce beginning inside the four walls of the warehouse and throughout the mobile supply chain."

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