SPIRIT Announces 2400 bps vocoder for Digital Speech Communication

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SPIRIT, an eXpressDSP-compliant software developer in Europe, has broadened its vocoder product line with the new 2400 bps vocoder modification, designed to provide high level of speech quality in the erroneous digital channels. SPIRIT's approach to Error Correction utilizes the speech codec's residual redundancy and provides opportunity for digital speech transmission applications, such as radio communications, confidential data transmission and wireless communications to ensure quality connection even on badly distorted channels. SPIRIT's error protection procedure utilized in the algorithm allows protection for most sensitive bits of the most sensitive parameters. "With high level of speech quality (MOS about 3.5) even on channels characterized by Bit Error Rate up to 5 percent, SPIRIT's newest 2400 bps vocoder is distinguished by high noise immunity, which significantly benefits digital speech transmission functionality of multiple applications", said SPIRIT's CEO Andrew Sviridenko. Robust 2400 bps vocoder is designed to operate in two primary modes: "soft decision" and "hard decision". By processing additional data on signal point distance, "Soft decision" mode provides mean speech quality 0.6 PESQMOS higher than "Hard Decision" mode (measured at five percent error rate).
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