SPIRIT Announces 30-channel SPARSE Line Echo Canceling Solution

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SPIRIT announces the advanced version of its ITU G.168 compliant SPARSE Line Echo Canceling solution, to be used mainly with T1/E1 lines. SPARSE Line Echo Canceling solution is a 30 channel G.168-2000 MIPS Economy Echo Canceller version with CNG and Tone Disabler on a single TMS320VC5510-200 chip that allows cost effectiveness in comparison with existing hardware solutions. The solution performs automatic tail search and determines optimal compensated echo path (up to 128 ms). "The major advantage of SPARSE Line Echo Canceller over competitors is its unsurpassed hardware requirements, allowing to successfully cover $100 functionality on a $24 TI's C5510 chip and providing superior correlation between system requirements, quality and cost", - said SPIRIT's CEO Andrew Sviridenko. "The solution has a successful track record by being integrated in Videophone product by one of the leading European communication companies, and now we are proud to provide a proven solution to the mass market to be leveraged by manufacturers" The canceller's design allows trade-off between MIPS consumption and echo path tail for each channel separately, achieved without code modification. The solution is well suited for gateways and central office equipment, has a C-callable and re-entrant interface and an intuitive API. SPARSE Line Echo Canceling solution consumes 5.6 MIPS, 2.6 KW of program memory and 2.4 KW of data memory per channel, and functions mainly on 64 ms and 128 ms echo tail. The solution runs as a full tap LEC solution with short tail length (16 to 32 ms), while operating as SPARSE in case of long tails. SPIRIT's 30-channel SPARSE Line Echo Canceling solution is available in the form of object codes for TI's C55x, and in the form of C code that could be ported to other platforms.
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