SVOX and Kirusa Partner to Deliver Multimodal Solutions

NEW YORK - Kirusa and SVOX announced a partnership to bring to market Kirusa Multimodal Solution integrated with SVOX Text-to-Speech Software.

Kirusa and SVOX have integrated their platforms to create a joint multimodal solution for wireless carriers, automotive manufacturers, and enterprises.

Combining two mobile communications technologies, the innovative multimodal solution leverages visual and vocal interfaces on mobile devices.  Subscribers can receive visual responses while they are interacting with a vocal application, and can choose to enter information by voice and hear the results while interacting with a screen-based application.  For instance, in a telematics application, music options can be selected by voice, with the results displayed on a screen, and confirmed by voice.  In a messaging application, a teenage subscriber could send an SMS message to his friend asking for the social plans for the evening, and the friend could listen and respond with a voice message.

SVOX Text-to-Speech allows users to hear information spoken by natural voices. SVOX's language-independent text-to-speech system architecture can be tailored to specific customer needs. SVOX TTS has a scalable and open architecture, which is available and customizable to various TTS applications such as email/SMS-reading, caller name announcement, traffic announcement or navigation prompts. The modular SVOX Text-to-Speech Engine is available in different product variants that cover the complete range of text-to-speech applications - from server-based SVOX Corporate to SVOX Genie for lowest footprint systems running on mobile phones or other consumer products.

Enabling wireless carriers, service providers, and enterprises to offer applications with integrated voice and visual interfaces, Kirusa's multimodal solutions allow mobile users to use voice, text, graphics, keypad, and stylus to interface with wireless services and applications. The solution integrates with industry standard technologies such as SMS, WAP, XHTML, VoiceXML, and HTTP, and supports mobile networks, including CDMA, CDMA 1x/3x, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Flash OFDM, WiFi, and others. Enabling multimodal end-user applications on a variety of handsets from manufacturers - carriers and enterprises offering this service are able to monetize voice and data applications, leveraging the new devices, as well as devices already deployed in their networks.

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