Sakrament Company Embeds its TTS Engine in a Platform of 32 -bit Microprocessor Toshiba TMPR3912

MINSK, BELARUS - Sakrament company, a software developer in the sphere of speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies for the Russian language, announced that it has embedded its TTS Engine in a platform of 32 -bit microprocessor Toshiba TMPR3912. It opens the way to use Sakrament TTS Engine in a wide range of electronic devices and PDAs. Sakrament TTS software comes with male and female voices that pronounce any text and is currently available for the Russian language. For example Sakrament TTS can read any text-based information. It can provide personalized program information for home entertainment systems, set-top cable boxes, hand-held computers and a voice for navigation systems; a hands-free interface for vehicle information. Software was written on ANSI C, except hardware support of addresses. It can be embedded in various types of microprocessor platforms. The size of the object module is 70 KB. Source data volume for speech processing (allophone database) with high sound playback quality is 800 KB. Allophone database was digitized at 16 bit with sampling frequency 11 kHz. Allophone database can be installed into RAM, ROM or to flash memory, giving users flexibility in storage requirements. The database can be compressed in 4 and 8 times using real-time ADCPM algorithms.
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