SandCherry Announces AppTuner Solution

BOULDER, CO - SandCherry Inc., a communications software company has released the AppTuner solution for developers of new speech applications. The AppTuner solution provides a framework that speeds the validation and refinement of new VoiceXML or Java applications. The AppTuner solution frees the developer from depending on T1 connections, telephony boards or hosted voice portals to load, test and tune new voice applications using a real- audio environment. Similar to today's web development environments, new voice-enhanced applications can be tested as they are written, on a laptop or network server. Historically, as new speech applications were developed, the application needed to be tested at critical junctures on integrated platforms as diverse as PBXs, telephony switches, media servers, telephony boards and T1 network circuits with an application server in order to achieve a voice application run-time environment. Now, with the use of SandCherry's AppTuner solution, the functionality previously provided by the switches, servers, boards and network circuits are included in the solution, alleviating the need for the test environment integration of the past. Voice application prototype testing can be accomplished `on the fly' and immediate corrections or enhancements to the application can be completed before it is loaded into a production environment. "VoiceXML was the first step to web-like development of applications, but still didn't provide the tools necessary to do true web development," said Christian Militeau, vice president of engineering for SandCherry. "The AppTuner solution provides the missing piece which is a real-time environment where applications can be tested just as the end user will experience them. Developers can then easily transition applications to production in telephony or VoIP networks using any VoiceXML service solution, such as SandCherry's SoftServer platform."
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