Sensory Introduces Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Sensory unveils Adaptive Artificial Intelligence for the RSC-4x Family of speech processors. This new technology enables developers to create products that learn over time and display personalities. Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (Adaptive AI) is optimized for small, embedded footprints.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence technology is a methodology based on statistical pattern recognition expressed as reinforcement learning.   

Adaptive AI may also be used to enable a light switch or a thermostat to learn a user's preferences for patterns of use and settings. A short period of usage teaches the product the user's preferences, and as the user's preferences change over time, the product will learn these as well.

Sensory's RSC-4x Family of microcontrollers with speech input/output (I/O) capabilities now also support the Adaptive AI technology. Powered by Sensory's new FluentChip firmware suite of speech recognition, speech synthesis and music synthesis technologies, these IC's can handle recognition vocabularies of up to 40 speaker independent words. All the necessary ROM, RAM, and other hardware are contained on chip, including a microcontroller and 16 bit A/D converter.

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