Sensory Powers First Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

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Bluetooth peripheral devices manufacturer BlueAnt today beganselling the BlueAnt V1, a Bluetooth headset using Sensory’s BlueGenieVoice Interface and speech synthesis, letting users control the devicewith verbal commands and hear status reports. The device is also thefirst stand-alone headset with Bluetooth Version 2.1

Users of theBlueAnt V1 will no longer have to push buttons to access functionality.Instead, the VI can be controlled with simple phrases like Pair me, Call home, Call back, Redial, and Ignore call

BlueGenie’svoice synthesis enables the V1 to speak to the user as well to relaydevice settings like battery power level or connection status.
TheBlueGenie Voice Interface also talks the user through the set up andpairing processes and contains a voice manual, accessible by saying Teach me. Users can also ask What can I say? to have a menu of the available voice options read to them.

Audiblecaller ID and voice answer/ignore capabilities mean drivers can keeptheir hands on the steering wheels and their eyes on the road for acompletely hands-free incoming call experience.

The BlueAntV1 measures just 1.6 inches by 0.7 inches by 0.5 inches and weighs just4 ounces. It provides an estimated six to seven hours of talk time.Features include:
• Two microphones for pure speech;?
• Echo suppression and noise cancellation; ?
• Near-field sensing with Automatic Gain Adjustment;?
• The ability to pair with multiple devices and on-the-fly switching between devices; ?
• Abnormal disconnection notification; ?
• A different ring tone for contacts and unknown callers; and?
• Auto connection and reconnection.

Forlower cost headsets without the memory or processing power for the fullBlueGenie Voice Interface, Sensory earlier this year released aBlueGenie Lite version.

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