Serotek Unveils System Access Release 2.1 With Remote Assistance Capability

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Serotek Corporation unveiled System Access version 2.1 with Remote Assistance.  Remote Assistance allows any person with a System Access 2.1 enabled computer to remotely access and control any other computer running System Access 2.1.

System Access 2.1's Remote Assistance feature is a tool not available with conventional screen readers. 

Remote Assistance is not to be confused with System Access's Remote Desktop feature, which allows a System Access Key to Freedom user to control his or her home computer from any guest computer. Both Remote Access and Remote Desktop can be used while running System Access 2.1 from a portable U3-enabled Key to Freedom.  The user plugs the Key to Freedom into the USB port and System Access 2.1 begins running automatically. 

Release 2.1 also includes a variety of enhancements to System Access including: improvements to Internet Explorer, Outlook calendar and e-mail functions, Word table navigation, Adobe Reader forms tabbing and other features and functions, as well as bringing together the patches and fixes issued for earlier releases.

System Access 2.1 is scheduled for official release on July 31, 2006. 


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