Smarsh Launches Zoom Voice Recording, Transcription, and Archiving

Smarsh has introduced comprehensive capture and archive support for Zoom chat, voice, and video recordings.

Smarsh can capture and archive content generated through Zoom meetings, Zoom rooms, Zoom phone, and in-meeting and out-of-meeting chat. Audio content can be transcribed in more than 120 languages and regional dialects. Once ingested into a Smarsh Connected Archive, Zoom content is automatically indexed, stored in immutable format, and made accessible for Supervision and Discovery. Customers can search transcripts and metadata and play back Zoom audio alongside all other voice and text-based content within their archives.

"Zoom is a cornerstone technology for a vast number of organizations, particularly with work-from-home requirements," said Adam Miller-Howard, vice president of business development at Smarsh, in a statement. "Smarsh customers can now embrace the full functionality of Zoom across meetings, rooms, calls, and chat while supporting the most rigorous risk, compliance, and e-discovery initiatives."

Smarsh offers unified search and play back of voice content from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other voice platforms alongside text-based electronic communications. Smarsh captures content across communication channels, including email, mobile text messages, collaboration platforms, social media, and voice channels.

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