Sogou Launches Voice-Powered Recorder Lines

Chinese technology company Sogou this week introduced the S1 and E1 smart recorders, offering advanced features like noise cancellation, voice recognition, simultaneous translation, and multi-lingual transcription.

S1, Sogou's latest premium smart recorder carries an eight-microphone array that can capture sound within 10 meters. Driven by Sogou's artificial intelligence, S1 features a noise-canceling function that can eliminate up to 40,000 types of unwanted noises. Sogou's smart recognition technology allows S1 to convert audio to text at high speed with an accuracy rate of 98 percent.

To assist cross-language communications, the S1 and E1 models can translate between 63 languages and transcribe audio content in 10 Chinese dialects and 10 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. With transcription simultaneously displayed on a touch screen, S1 and E1 help users understand speakers of different languages in real time and avoid tedious translation tasks. Both models support offline translation and transcription.

Sogou also launched the Forbidden City edition of its C1 Pro, designed with the Palace Museum in Beijing, and supporting simultaneous interpretation, data transfer via Wi-Fi, and speech-to-text transcription with a 97 percent accuracy. The new S1 model also comes in a Forbidden City edition.

"S1 and E1 mark the next generation of voice recording devices," said Yang Hongtao, chief technology officer at Sogou, in a statement. "Packed with advanced AI capabilities that provide an unparalleled user experience, they demonstrate how Sogou is leading the AI revolution in voice recording by making access to information and communication easier with our language-centric AI technologies. Our smart recorders have had great success in the market, and we are committed to producing more easy-to-use smart devices for users."

Frant Gwo, director of the Chinese science-fiction film The Wandering Earth, used Sogou smart recorders to communicate with visual effects artists overseas.

"By acting as an interpreter and a transcriber at our meetings, S1 freed us from drudgery and allowed us to focus on producing better work," he said in a statement. "S1 also came in very handy when I wanted to record ideas and inspirations in my spare time."

Sogou's first-generation AI-powered recorder C1 was launched in March 2019. In August, Sogou opened its Dictation Service to third-party voice recorder companies. Driven by Sogou's advanced voice recognition technology, its Dictation Service allows users to transcribe, store, and edit recordings on mobile devices and computers. In addition, Sogou founded the Voice Recorder AI Innovation Alliance with Sony Voice Recorder, AIGO, Newmine, and MSC Group, to revitalize and transform the industry by integrating hardware with transcription services based on Sogou's language-centric AI technologies.

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