SoundHound Inc. Unveils Hybrid Voice AI and Natural Language Understanding System for Cars

Leveraging the patented and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies from SoundHound Inc.’s Houndify Voice AI platform, running on NVIDIA DRIVE IX, the solution enables real-time responses to voice queries in vehicles, even without internet connectivity. This is achieved with high speed and accuracy through a hybrid speech recognition system that processes voice requests both in the cloud and locally on the embedded system (for when an internet connection is not available) to return fast responses. The embedded system also enables drivers to control their car’s functions when a connection to the cloud is unavailable including the car’s climate control, window controls, radio, navigation, and more.

NVIDIA DRIVE AGX integrates the high-performance, energy-efficient compute of the NVIDIA Xavier system-on-a-chip (SoC) and full stack AV software to monitor surroundings and the driver, localize to an HD map, and plan a safe path forward. Within DRIVE software, NVIDIA DRIVE IX is a framework for the full cockpit experience. It combines the system, tools, and algorithms to enhance the driver’s situational awareness, assist in driving functions and provide intelligent interactions between the vehicle and its occupants. This is the ideal platform for integrating the voice technology that Houndify can provide, enabling the vehicle to seamlessly respond to human voice commands.

With Houndify, drivers can now interact with hundreds of domains—programs that provide users with relevant information or actions related to their queries. These include: navigation, weather, stock prices, sports scores, flight status, local business searches, and hotel searches with complex criteria, among others.

SoundHound Inc.’s Houndify technology is already being utilized by leading manufacturers including Mercedes-BenzGroupe PSAHyundaiHonda, and others.

SoundHound Inc. had been in stealth mode with its voice technology and natural language understanding research and development for a decade. The company quietly built the technology stack needed to create a complete solution that enables companies to deploy a customized, branded voice experience. The Houndify platform enables developers to use that proprietary technology in their own products. SoundHound Inc. has two consumer apps powered by Houndify: Hound, the voice assistant app, and SoundHound, the popular music discovery and lyrics app, with over 310 million unique downloads globally.

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