Spansion Furthers Human Machine Interface Solutions with Voice MCUs for IoT Applications

Spansion, a provider of embedded system solutions, has expanded its presence in industrial, consumer, and home appliances with two new ARM Cortex-M4-based microcontroller offerings: the Spansion FM4 S6E2DH series with an integrated graphics display controller and the S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series with self-contained voice command control.

The S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series enables voice command control with over-the-air firmware update support via Wi-Fi to the consumer and home Internet of Things (IoT) market. Based on the ARM-Cortex M4 processor, the S6E2CCxxF series supports up to two megabytes of flash separated into two banks, allowing firmware updates during device operation.

"These new product families deliver tremendous value and flexibility, enabling customers to design intuitive next-generation human machine interface (HMI) systems," said Dhiraj Handa, senior vice president and general manager of Spansion's multi-market microcontroller business, in a statement. 

The voice command control solution library features the following: 

  • Speaker-independent voice control;
  • Support for more than 100 commands;
  • Commands stored in MCU flash and decoded in real time;
  • User commands defined using a text file;
  • Software provided to convert commands to library functions;
  • Built-in noise reduction;
  • Multiple language support (English, Chinese, German, Japanese);
  • Voice activity detection, wake-up word; and
  • Support for custom pronunciations. 

A voice control-enabled starter kit, along with the command programming software, will be available next month. 

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