Speak With Me Introduces Music App Built on Natural Language

Speak With Me has released its first consumer app, VoiceDJ. Built on the company's Natural Language Dialog Platform (NLDP), VoiceDJ allows users to control their mobile music libraries entirely with their voices. The app is currently available for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, and a version will be available next month for the iPad.

Speak With Me's device-based technology platform delivers 99 percent accuracy and decreases voice recognition response time from seconds to milliseconds. VoiceDJ also recognizes nearly 1 million words and can handle music libraries with hundreds of thousands of entries

"Our new VoiceDJ app is just the first of many products based on our industry-leading Natural Language Dialog Platform that we plan to roll out in the coming years," said Ajay Juneja, CEO and founder of Speak With Me. "While this first app is focused on music and entertainment, future apps will be in many different verticals, including navigation, mobile search, and video games."

Users can simply request their music with natural, conversational style commands instead of having to follow pre-set scripts. VoiceDJ allows users to spontaneously change songs, artists, albums, or genres as the mood strikes.

Once VoiceDJ is installed, users can create playlists on the fly and control their music with a wide range of commands. For example:

  • "Play 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'" (if multiple versions of the song are found, it will load them all into a playlist).
  • "I want to hear Eric Clapton" (a playlist of all Eric Clapton music will be created).
  • "Add Rolling Stones to the Playlist" (all of your Rolling Stones music will be added to the current playlist)
  • "Next Track"
  • "Previous Track"
  • "Turn it up"
  • "Volume down"

The VoiceDJ app, which is now available in the Apple iTunes App Store, can be downloaded as a free version (10 spoken commands per day) – or users can pay $1.99 for unlimited use. The app requires an iPhone 3GS or higher, or a fourth-generation iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher. VoiceDJ was developed from more than 10 years of academic research at Carnegie Mellon University.

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