Speakeasy AI Receives US Patent for Speech To Intent

Speakeasy AI, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence solutions for self-service and live agent care, has been awarded a U.S. patent (#11,011,160) for its speech to intent system.

This new technological process helps automated speech recognition using a process that doesn't rely on transcription alone, understanding both customers and agents in their natural speaking voices while being aware of contextual elements from prior cross-channel interactions, companies' products and offerings, and improvements made by machine learning data influenced by customers’'and call center agents' interactions.

Speakeasy claims that the success rate of automated conversations is much higher than standard systems and the swapping of context within conversations is easy and natural, allowing a free flowing conversational experience without boxed-in linear decision trees.

"We have been waiting for conversational AI to deliver upon the use cases of the contact centers' dreams," said Speakeasy's co-founder, chief technology officer, and patent-holder, Moshe Villaizan Reyes, in a statement. "with our patented speech-to-intent, we've put power and control into the hands of our customers and partners. The industry will never be the same."

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