SpeaktoIt Releases api.ai, a Natural Language Development Platform

Speaktoit, developer of human-computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations and creator of the Assistant, today released api.ai. The natural language understanding platform combines speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), and text-to-speech for a uniquely complete solution. The api.ai platform is now freely available for use.

api.ai is an advanced tool that allows developers to integrate speech interfaces into their solutions. In a matter of minutes, developers can design human-computer interaction scenarios and voice-enable their apps and devices. The API simplifies the work required to describe interactions by applying machine learning algorithms to conversation scenarios and by enriching natural language request examples that have been provided by developers with pre-built knowledge bases. api.ai's natural language platform is based on Speaktoit's natural language processing engine, which has now processed more than 1 billion requests for Assistant.

"As seemingly everything around us becomes Internet-connected, developers are looking for the best ways to improve the interactions we have with our devices, gadgets, and apps," said Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO, Speaktoit, in a statement. "Wearables, cars, our homes. We're starting to know what we want to talk to. Speaktoit wants to aid developers in how we talk to them. Voice recognition helps devices and apps understand what the user has said, but the main challenge is to understand the meaning, intent, and context of the words. api.ai gives developers the tools they need to quickly build interaction scenarios for the most intuitive user experience."

Speaktoit recently raised $2.6million in Series B funding from Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Alpine Technology Fund, and Plug and Play Ventures to continue to expand its platforms and reach devices from a broadening array of manufacturers and industries.

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