Speech Analytics Software to Help Public Safety Organizations

Verint Systems announced its public safety experts will highlight examples of how the company’s patent-protected call recording and speech analytics technology can benefit public safety answering points (PSAPs) as an adaptable and straight-forward approach for analyzing 9-1-1 calls to assist in investigations, as well as surface key trends that can lead to more proactive and preventative response.  

Verint’s patented speech analytics solution can assist public safety agencies in trend spotting to help reduce crime and improve quality of life for citizens, provide sophisticated tools to aid investigators in leveraging 9-1-1 interactions in ongoing investigations, and achieve accurate and efficient call handling and dispatching for high-quality citizen service.

“Revolutionary” is the word Assistant Director for Quality Bobby Kagel, Chester County Department of Emergency Services in Pennsylvania, used to describe the power of speech analytics after viewing the results of its calls as analyzed by Verint’s software. 

“We immediately saw the impact, confirming through verifiable data some of the trends we suspected were taking place,” he said. “One centered around our location verification, which proved to be frustrating both callers and our own telecommunicators. Since then we’ve reengineered the process, leveraging technology the telecommunicators have right at their fingertips. The power and results speech analytics can produce are an exciting development in our market—one we can’t wait to fully maximize.”  

“This technology has tremendous potential to change the way our customers manage quality and process efficiency,” adds Chris Silva, president of Verint platinum certified partner Kova Systems, which works with Chester County. “This is going to change the way 9-1-1 centers look at call recording, and what those recordings can and should be doing for them. The ability to go way beyond single word spotting to identify context and trends that a manager didn’t even know to look for is game-changing, particularly in this era of increased scrutiny and demands on communications center operations.”

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