SpeechCycle and Novauris Partner to Enhance Customer Service Solution

NEW YORK (SpeechTEK 2011)--SpeechCycle, a provider of customer interaction management solutions, today announced a new partnership with Novauris Technologies, a provider of core speech recognition technology for embedded and cloud-based applications, to offer advanced capabilities for speech recognition within SpeechCycle's LevelOne Agents speech products. The partnership will allow SpeechCycle's service provider customers to deploy enhanced speech applications and improve the quality of their customer care offering.

Through this partnership, SpeechCycle's speech recognition products can now support spoken selection from sets of hundreds of millions of entries. This enables service providers to support fast and accurate name-and-address recognition even from lists containing tens or hundreds of millions of name-and-address pairs, such as the complete population of a particular country. The process is fast partly because of the fast search techniques employed, but also because the callers can speak their complete names and addresses as single utterances. The identification of customers from their spoken names and addresses results in a significant reduction in the number of unidentified callers, which typically requires the involvement of live agents and increased hold times. The outcome of this new capability is reduced call handling time and an improved customer experience.

"This partnership with Novauris demonstrates SpeechCycle's continued focus on the advancement of speech technology to improve the customer service experience," said Roberto Pieraccini, chief technology officer of SpeechCycle. "By integrating Novauris' NovaSearch technology into our product offering, all customer service inquiries requiring caller identification can be seamlessly automated, even in absence of other more traditional identification methods. Our goal is to create solutions that reduce call center costs while providing an optimal customer experience."

"We have long known SpeechCycle to be on the cutting edge of customer interaction solutions, but only since working with then have we fully appreciated their exceptionally high level of competence," said John Bridle, chief technology officer and co-founder of Novauris. "This partnership provides an ideal opportunity for Novauris to bring some of its unique strengths to major service providers. We are proud to have helped make LevelOne Agents what we believe to be the most complete customer care solution available."

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