SpeechStorm Prepares to Unveil Mobile IVVR

SpeechStorm, an Ireland-based provider of phone self-service solutions for contact centers, today announced plans to launch a new suite of visual interactive voice response (IVR)applications that, combined with the voice-based IVR, will add a visual experience for callers.

With this new application, set to launch later this month, enterprises will be able to offer their customers a new, intuitive way to interact with them using simple video calls on their mobile phones to give a visual representation of their service options.

Adding visualization to traditional IVR is expected to reduce the time people spend listening to full menu options before making their choices and to add a visual element to the business transaction , such as transferring money or checking in for a flight, enabling the user to complete the transaction much more quickly and intuitively.

Visual IVR, which is part of an emerging interactive voice and video response (IVVR) technology, complements the range of phone-based self-service options that organizations can offer to satisfy their customers’ demands. It is gaining acceptance in Europe and Asia in particular with the growth and proliferation of the 3G network.

Officials at SpeechStorm cite a recent Datamonitor report that uncovered great potential for emerging video technologies, especially in Europe and Asia, where 3G technology is far more readily available and accepted than in the United States. In the report, Datamonitor predicted that the number of video calls will increase as customers get used to making and receiving them. Datamonitor predicts growth of visual IVR in Europe in particular, and identifies the financial services sector as the channel with the most potential to generate and drive additional revenue and provide innovative customer service improvements.

"We are delighted to pioneer this exciting, new technology and to boost our self-service portfolio with a unique and very powerful visual capability that is set to transform how customers communicate with their service providers," says Oliver Lennon, CEO of SpeechStorm. "Visual IVR offers organizations a new way to interact with their clients using an appealing, intuitive, visual experience through their mobile phones."

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