SpeechTrans Launches Video Conference Translation Software

SpeechTrans has released video conferencing translation software for Windows and Mac that allows two people to communicate face-to-face or through video conference. The software also incorporates speech recognition, text translation, and text-to-speech functionality from Nuance Communications.

SpeechTrans messenger for Windows and Mac has full-featured capabilities for having conversations with people speaking different languages in the same room or across the globe. By using the SpeechTrans Messenger, users can make free VoIP calls to anywhere in the world. They can also place a video call and have a real-time conversation, even if both parties on the call speak different languages.

SpeechTrans can also do real-time translation with Facebook chat right in the messenger application. The software supports 54 languages.

"No other speech translation company offers Facebook chat integration on computers and speech recognition," said Yan Auerbach, co-founder of SpeechTrans, in a statement. "We are revolutionizing global communication by offering a new way to leverage the massive popularity of Facebook with our accurate and fast translation engine to bring people closer from around the world. Two users can use SpeechTrans and Facebook to accurately converse in their own native languages without any translation delay."

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