SpeechWorks Announces Partnership with OTG

OTTAWA, CANADA - OTG, a developer of voice biometrics-based security solutions, announced a partnership with SpeechWorks International Inc. (Nasdaq: SPWX), a developer of speech technologies and services. The partnership will allow OTG to deliver SpeechWorks SpeechSecure speaker verification technology within OTG's telephony-based security and automation solutions. Speaker verification improves corporate security by authenticating callers based upon the unique physical characteristics of a caller's voice, which is extremely difficult to duplicate, versus relying exclusively on information that is easy to share, lose or have stolen. It provides an added layer of security for applications used in the financial services, government, insurance and healthcare industries by comparing a caller's voiceprint with a stored reference voiceprint that the caller has previously provided, as well as requiring knowledge of the correct pass-phrase. OTG had been delivering this technology since 1997, through a partnership agreement with T-NETIX Inc., whose SpeakEZ voiceprint technology was acquired by SpeechWorks International in July 2002. OTG's software uses speaker verification to allow organizations to control access to corporate resources. OTG has developed a suite of customizable, automated help desk solutions, collectively known as HELP YOURSELF, allowing users to perform password reset, token administration and PKI profile recovery over the telephone. OTG also distributes its SecurPBX product line, which prevents telephony fraud by authenticating users before granting access to telecom resources including long distance lines and voice mail. OTG's solutions are deployed in Fortune 500 and Canadian and US government organizations. "SpeechWorks' commitment to innovation and product development will allow OTG to continue to meet the rapidly emerging needs of the market," said Mark E. Kovalsky, President of OTG. "This partnership with SpeechWorks enhances OTG's ability to continue to deliver solutions that help our clients realize significant savings for help desks and secure telecommunication resources." "OTG has a deep history in deploying highly secure, speaker verification solutions using our SpeakEZ-based technology for enterprise, carrier and government organizations," said Steve Chambers, chief marketing officer at SpeechWorks. "In today's world, every organization needs to evaluate its security requirements. OTG's extensive speaker verification deployment expertise, powered by SpeechWorks technology, lets customers of leading organizations worldwide securely access information and conduct transactions in a natural and easy to use manner."
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