SpeechWorks Announces SpeakFreely 2.0

BOSTON, MA - SpeechWorks International Inc. (Nasdaq: SPWX), a developer of speech technologies and services, announced the immediate availability of its SpeakFreely 2.0 natural language speech solution. SpeakFreely enables more open-ended speech dialogs to be deployed quickly on a variety of partner platforms. SpeakFreely 2.0 uses techniques like statistical modeling to not only recognize a caller's response to open-ended questions like "What can I do for you today?" or "What type of difficulty are you experiencing?", but also to determine the meaning or intention of the caller's response. SpeakFreely's use of techniques like statistical language and dynamic semantic modeling - applied in call routing or self-service applications - will redefine the caller experience, and respond to callers' naturally-phrased, open-ended requests. "Customers are excited about using a more conversational, open-ended natural dialog to route calls and deliver customer service via speech," said Steve Chambers, chief marketing officer at SpeechWorks. "What we've done here is to make that advanced capability simpler... simpler for partners to deliver; faster for customers to deploy; and packaged with services expertise so SpeakFreely-powered applications can be 'brand-rich' -- reinforcing a customer's specific brand identity."
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