SpeechWorks Announces The OpenSpeech Insight Tool

BOSTON, MA —- SpeechWorks International Inc. (Nasdaq: SPWX), a provider of speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies and services, announced their OpenSpeech Insight analysis and reporting tool, the latest offering in the company's standards-based OpenSpeech product line. Offering over 40 configurable reports accessed over the enterprise network using a standard Internet browser, OpenSpeech Insight brings the Web model of usage analysis to speech, identifying trends, monitoring call volumes associated with marketing programs and verifying overall system efficiency and effectiveness. OpenSpeech Insight is available to all SpeechWorks customers and partners deploying speech applications with SpeechWorks' OpenSpeech Recognizer software as well as SpeechWorks 6.1 and 6.5 platforms. The OpenSpeech Insight product provides information about the status of speech applications as well as information about how callers are interacting with a speech service. Based on the reports generated by OpenSpeech Insight, developers can quickly determine which parts of a speech application may need to be fine-tuned in order to reach high transaction completion rates. "We help our clients expand the accessibility and quality of their customers' self-service using advanced natural language speech recognition from SpeechWorks and our packaged voice solutions. We've learned that successful speech applications are achieved by continuous tuning throughout development and post deployment, and tuning decisions originate from understanding how satisfied callers feel when they use a speech system," says Ken Jackowitz, chief customer officer from NetByTel. "OpenSpeech Insight is a great tool that will provide us with enhanced information about how callers interact with our service to help us continuously improve the speech solutions we deploy for our clients, making sure our solutions improve customer service and increase revenue while decreasing operational costs." "Tools that provide useful metrics are a critical component of speech services - if you can't measure it, you can't improve it," said Bernard Elliot, research director, Gartner Inc. "Good diagnostic and reporting tools will place the power to control the success of a speech service squarely in the hands of the companies deploying those services." The various reports serve employees ranging from speech scientists or application developers to business managers as well as executives and other persons invested in the success of the speech application. OpenSpeech Insight reports provide comprehensive information with quick drill-down links to detailed tables and graphs and can be categorized as follows: -Business reports analyze data such as transaction performance trends, adoption rates and caller profiles, providing essential information to business managers when developing marketing strategies and evaluating R.O.I. -Operational reports track system provisioning and resource monitoring to identify, for example, points in time when the system is heavily loaded. This set of reports also allows application developers and usability engineers to view and analyze the effects of tuning grammars, vocabularies, and pronunciations throughout the development process. -Application reports ranging from high-level application information to individual calls where speech application analysts can listen to caller recordings and use built-in annotation tools to categorize the success of a call. Using the application reports, analysts can determine the transaction completion rate of the speech system. "OpenSpeech Insight is the first tool designed to provide analysis and reporting on a variety of planes, from the application-specific to the general telephony, and from business, operational and application perspectives," said Steve Chambers, vice president of worldwide marketing, SpeechWorks. "We built OpenSpeech Insight to help our customers monitor, assess and advance service performance and we're excited to provide this new tool, free of charge, to SpeechWorks' customers and partners."
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