Spikko Partners with CIS

Spikko, a provider of mobile call recording capabilities, and CIS, a provider of call and screen recording platforms for call centers, financial institutions, and public safety agencies, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a comprehensive unified recording platform that now supports mobile recording.

Crystal Quality, CIS's call and screen recording system with quality management, helps call centers with multiple channels to identify service gaps. With Spikko's integrated capabilities, the system can now also record and manage mobile calls (voice and text). The mobile call recording works on the existing phone and SIM and offers privacy protection against recording of personal calls.

"With Spikko's platform, CIS brings to its customers a complete, unified, and one-stop-shop solution that is still fully compliant with industry standards. With this combined solution we can extend our global reach with an additional leading solution that is also optimized for additional market verticals which are currently underserved," said Danny Levi, CEO of CIS, in a statement.

"This cooperation is important as it generates a comprehensive and leading solution that empowers organizations that rely on their mobile communications as part of their business transactions and wish or need to comply with an all-calls recorded policy, including mobiles," said Shai Benarzi, CEO of Spikko, in a statement.

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