SpinSci Partners with LumenVox

SpinSci Technologies, a patient engagement solutions provider, has partnered with LumenVox, a provider of voice recognition intelligence solutions, to deliver key integrations with Epic electronic health records (EHRs).

The joint offering between SpinSci and LumenVox will combine SpinSci's integration with EHRs and LumenVox's speech and active voice biometric authentication solutions.

"The digitization of healthcare is gaining huge momentum right now. LumenVox's modular technology approach enables SpinSci to easily integrate cutting-edge speech recognition to improve patient experiences and just as easily integrate voice biometric aAuthentication to enhance security, helping to ensure [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)] compliance. Through this partnership we want to give practices and their patients convenience, security, and peace of mind," said Edward Miller, founder and CEO of LumenVox, in a statement.

"Our strategic partnership with LumenVox will help drive a packaged solution for our ultimate customers, health systems, and providers, which will drive patient engagement and improve their overall experience," SpinSci CEO Rajit Kumar said in a statement.

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