SproutLoud Launches Call Tracking Attribution Software with Speech Recognition

SproutLoud has launched an end-to-end call tracking attribution solution with artificial-intelligence-optimized speech recognition and call scoring.

"While this technology has been available at the enterprise level, it hasn't been available in a distributed marketing environment until now," said SproutLoud President Gary Ritkes in a statement. "At the enterprise level, whether you're managing thousands or tens of thousands of ads with call tracking attribution, it's easy because purchasing those advertising tactics is centralized. But when those purchasing decisions are spread across a national or global network of individual resellers, that's an entirely different and more complex dynamic. SproutLoud is the first and only distributed marketing software on the market that has solved for that."

This new technology is geared toward service businesses that rely on phone calls to signal demand to distributed locations or local partners.

"The rest of the industry relies on the caller to go back and grade the call or categorize the call. We found that only 2 percent of these calls were getting scored and in a very non-standardized way, which makes the data useless," Ritkes said. "That's why the use of AI is a game-changer."

Using AI, SproutLoud software automatically scores calls using a trained AI model to provide a deeper level of attribution and sentiment analysis.

"With this level of detail, which has never been previously available, brands can get better intel about how their partners' calls are performing at the local level. This is valuable information for everything from measuring results, to training your sales operations team, to deciding where, when and how to spend your advertising dollars," Ritkes said.

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