Spy Software Now Available for iPhone

An application just developed for Apple’s iPhone allows users to remotely access another phone’s text messages, email, call logs, location tracking, settings, and more.

Another component allows users to remotely access the phone’s external microphone, essentially turning the phone into a listening device to “bug” meeting rooms and other locations. A call intercept feature that will allow users to listen to and record another person’s live calls is expected soon. Users specify the numbers in which they are interested, and when calls to or from those numbers occur on the target phone, FlexiSPY can send a secret SMS to their mobile phones. If they now call the target mobile, they are added to the call, provided the target device supports conference calling.  

The software is offered by FlexiSPY, a firm based in Thailand. The company says its application is popular among parents looking to supervise and protect teenagers, businesses looking to keep tabs on employees and business partners, spouses looking to prove their partner’s marital infidelity, and law enforcement agencies investigating criminal activity.

“FlexiSPY has helped thousands of people worldwide protect loved ones and understand the reasons for relationship problems. We are also particularly proud of the modest part we have played in bringing criminals to justice” Marc Harris, marketing manager of FlexiSPY, said in a statement.

The software has been available for select BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia-Symbian devices since 2007. “Given the success of the iPhone, we will be able to offer benefits to an even greater audience,” Harris stated.

A number of software packages are available through online purchase and direct download to supported mobile devices. Prices range from $149 per year for the most basic offering to $349 per year for the full-featured version.

Once installed on another person’s phone, FlexiSPY silently uploads data wirelessly to globally distributed secure servers, where all data is accessible from user Web accounts. The data includes the contents of all SMS and email messages, the details of phone call records (number, time, duration), the name assigned to the number in the phone’s address book, GPS coordinates, a map display with control options for historical, and real-time tracking. Also offered is email relaying, which forwards captured data to a user-specified email address.

FlexiSPY leaves no trace of installation and is completely undetectable. It offers full remote control of all internal settings, plus the ability to remotely disable and uninstall itself.

“Our customers continually confirm that FlexiSPY is the most powerful spy phone solution available anywhere today, and that the benefit of its technical sophistication really becomes apparent to them when actually used in real-life situations—particularly features such as remote uninstall that protect their confidentiality” Harris said in the statement.

Though the company could not be reached for comment, it notes on its Web site that “logging other people’s SMS messages and other phone activity, or installing FlexiSPY on another person’s phone without his knowledge, can be considered an illegal activity in some countries.”

In that regard, the company “assumes no liability and is not responsible for any damage or misuse,” it said on its Web site. “It is the users’ responsibility to obey all laws in their countries.”


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