Suki Extends Developer Platform with SDK and APIs to Power Voice AI Experiences

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Suki, a prtovider of voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, has extended the capabilities of Suki Platform, its suite of developer tools, with a software development kit that allows developers to embed Suki Assistant directly into their applications, as well as a suite of APIs that enable developers to incorporate select skills, like ambient documentation, into their solution.

Bond Vet, a provider of veterinary urgent and primary care , is the first customer to use Suki's SDK to integrate voice AI capabilities into its Vetspire EHR platform. Suki's technology will support Bond Vet clinicians with ambient note generation, dictation, and more.

Suki listens to patient-clinician conversations, automatically generates note suggestions, and uses commands to complete time-consuming tasks. Its SDK enables customers to incorporate Suki's skills and voice AI into their existing workflows.

"Suki's ambient technology is a valuable addition for our team, and their responsiveness and easy integration process has proven to be a positive experience all around," said Kelly Rusinak, vice president of operations at Bond Vet, in a statement, "It's exciting to see the productive results our team is experiencing, such as higher levels of satisfaction with the EHR and improving clinicians' overall experience. By automating processes that used to be time-consuming, Suki allows them to focus more on what truly matters: providing exceptional care to patients."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Bond Vet to help empower clinicians with time-saving solutions through ambient listening technology," said Heather Miller, vice president of partnerships at Suki, in a statement. "Customers can use the Suki SDK to embed skills like ambient documentation into their EHR or application, creating a seamless workflow that harnesses the power of generative AI and voice. These technologies are only beginning to tap into their transformative capabilities for healthcare, and we are excited to be the engine to integrate ambient AI into EHRs and other healthcare technology solutions."

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