Suki's AI Voice Assistant Now Supports Inpatient Care

Suki, a provider of voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, has expanded its voice assistant's capabilities to support inpatient care. Suki already supported clinicians in ambulatory, telehealth, skilled nursing facilities, and home health settings.

Suki incorporates multiple modes, including ambient, dictation, and commands to offer unparalleled flexibility to complete administrative tasks. It integrates with all major electronic health record systems, such as Epic, Cerner, Athena, Elation, and Meditech, and works on iOS, Android, web, Windows, Mac, and as a Chrome extension.

Its generative AI can listen to clinician-patient exchanges in real time and generate suggestions for clinical notes. Once notes are generated, clinicians can accept, reject, and edit the content. Additionally, Suki's ambient output can be more personalized to each user.

"Our vision at Suki has always been to transform healthcare through cutting-edge technology and intuitive design," said Punit Soni, Suki's CEO and founder, in a statement. "Clinicians who work in the hospital have been neglected when it comes to voice assistant solutions. We are proud to lead the charge in serving this important community and help them save time and mental energy so they can focus on their patients."

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