TEN DIGIT Communications Selects ID R&D to Provide Biometric Authentication to its Intelligent Messaging Platform

TEN DIGIT Communications, the provider of a patented messaging platform that enables call-center phone lines to function as smartphones with text, call, and link and image sharing capabilities, today announced it has partnered with biometrics firm ID R&D to offer multimodal biometric authentication within TEN DIGIT’s TDC BRIDGE solution.

By integrating ID R&D’s AI-based biometric technology, TEN DIGIT can authenticate users of its Intelligent Messaging Platform, TDC BRIDGE, with zero effort required from the end user. TDC BRIDGE operates as a virtual smartphone for businesses, allowing organizations to reach everyone, everywhere directly through the user’s smartphone, irrespective of the model or operating system. Using TDC BRIDGE, company representatives can move easily between text, voice, and link and photo sharing when communicating with customers, all while having access to necessary CRM and AI systems and essential company databases. Allowing agents to instantly recognize and engage users via text, automated conversational and observational bots, or live voice or video conversation, TEN DIGIT provides better and more mobile customer experience all while cutting costs and increasing efficiencies.

Today’s call centers are often built on outdated voice lines and have not kept pace with the revolution ushered in by the smartphone or the preferences of smartphone users. Web chat solutions require users to be on a specific company’s website at a specific time. TDC BRIDGE allows users to connect to a business wherever they are, whenever they want, on any generic smartphone, leading to much higher penetration rates. TEN DIGIT’s patented software enables outdated business telephony to seamlessly integrate with new technologies to create productivity gains, increase revenues, and improve the customer experience in communicating with companies. TDC BRIDGE can be set up in a day, scales rapidly with no expensive legacy system or hardware requirements, and is fully functional without being restricted to a single app.

TDC BRIDGE will integrate ID R&D’s biometric technology across three layers of authentication – keystroke analysis, facial liveness detection, and voice biometrics. TDC BRIDGE will include liveness detection that prevents facial spoofing and can distinguish a recorded or computer-generated voice from an authorized live one.

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