Talkhouse Receives Patent Approval for Speech Information Retrieval Technology

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially notified Talkhouse, a provider of speech recognition technologies, that it will be issued a U.S. patent titled "Methods of Information Retrieval," on March 3. Talkhouse’s technology is said to improve the accuracy of voice search applications by enhancing the accuracy of keyword searches.

“Our information retrieval methodology enables users to search by keyword, reducing both user and system error and significantly enhancing user satisfaction," explained Joe Wölfel, founder and chief technology officer of Talkhouse. "Additionally, users are most comfortable with keyword search rather that clunky dialogues or natural language systems which introduce ambiguities.” 

The explosion of information and content available on mobile devices has created demand for a useful voice search interface. Talkhouse’s information retrieval interface makes the search fast, easy and intuitive. Talkhouse is currently developing various applications using this technology, including its Voice Activated Remote Control for Blackberry. The proprietary technology is also available for licensing.

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