Team Gleason Adds "My-Own-Voice" by the Acapela Group to Synthetic Voice Options

Team Gleason says it added another option to its toolkit of technology solutions for people living with ALS. My-Own-Voice is a voice banking option that captures the essence of a person's voice before they lose it due to ALS or other degenerative diseases.

Steve Gleason had the opportunity to create his own synthetic voice through the process of voice banking when he was first diagnosed with ALS in 2011. It has been one of Steve and Team Gleason's missions to help others maintain their unique voices through voice banking. Since launching its voice banking program, Team Gleason has provided hundreds of voices to the ALS community. Through this exciting partnership, the group's goal is to help empower even more people to create their own unique voice.

Launched 4 years ago by the Acapela Group, My-Own-Voice offers people the opportunity to preserve a person's voice identity, even if their voice is damaged and low energy levels make recording difficult. The digital voice can be used with an assistive device to read any sentence, keeping the essence of the original in terms of timbre, accent, and intonation. Their individual voice and way of speaking are instantly recognizable.

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