Telecom Upgrades Network with Ditech Noise Cancellation

Telecommunications provider Global Crossing will use Ditech Networks Voice Quality Assurance (VQA) technology to enhance the voice quality of calls received from international destinations on the Global Crossing Ready-Access on-demand audio collaboration services network.

Ditech Networks' VQA solution enhances the digital voice quality for Global Crossing's international enterprise and carrier conferencing customers by substantially reducing noise and echo that can be introduced by the local carrier and transferred to the Global Crossing network. GlobalCrossing provides local access to its Ready-Access customers throughout the world and recently added new VoIP access options to 31 cities in Europe, as well as six countries in Asia.

"The wide range of handsets and equipment that people use for conferencing, and the environments they call from, can create noise and echo for many conferencing service providers, especially at the localexchange," said Tim Montgomery, president and CEO of Ditech Networks. "We're pleased that Global Crossing has chosen our BVP-Flex platform with VQA technology to enhance their international customer conferencing experience."

Acoustic echo occurs when extraneous noise from the user's phone is reflected back into the network through the microphone. Wire line and wireless handsets commonly introduce acoustic echo into the carrier's network. Hybrid echo occurs at the four-wire to two-wire conversion pointon PSTN local exchange networks. This type of echo is especially problematic on conference calls when an annoying echo can affect the experience of all participants until the offending line is identified anddisconnected, or muted. Ditech Networks' VQA technology reduces noise, effectively addresses acoustic and hybrid echo, and increases call intelligibility, regardless of the method used to join the meeting ortechnology used to provide the conferencing service.

Using Ditech's VQA enabled platform, Global Crossing takes advantage of ultra-high density interfaces and sophisticated networking intelligence to deliver superior conferencing quality. The platform substantially eliminates remote and wireless voice quality impairments before they reachconferencing equipment, improving the call participants' experience. Ditech's portfolio of voice processing solutions, with VQA available for VoIP and TDM conferencing services, mitigates echo, while simultaneously addressing codec transcoding, packet loss, jitter and other quality impairment issues.

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