Telephonetics Launches Telephony Business Continuity Solution

Telephonetics launched a Telephony Business Continuity Solution.

A recent survey, by the Chartered Management Institute, found that despite recent events such as the London bombings and the Buncefield oil terminal fire over 50 percent of organizations still do not have business continuity plans covering critical operations in place. Some analysts estimate that 80 percent of commercial transactions are conducted via the telephone.

Telephonetics suggests that the following considerations should be made:

  • How do switchboard calls get handled in an evacuation when staff members are unavailable to take the calls? Is a voicemail box sufficient when the duration of the event and the importance of the call is unknown.
  • How long can your business last without taking a single phone call? According to the Henley Management Institute, 60 percent of companies that experienced a loss of normal telecoms for a period of 10 days ceased trading within a year.
  • How do staff, who have been evacuated and therefore have no access to a company phone directory, contact other staff?
  • How are DDI and switchboard calls handled when my primary carrier transfers the entire DDI range to one number at an alternative site? Who will be there to redirect calls from that number, to individuals or departments?

Telephonetics has developed a Business Continuity Solution that, in the event of an evacuation or disaster, can be invoked remotely to ensure all DDI, switchboard and employee to employee calls are handled. The solution will enable staff to continuing working from an alternative site and stay in touch with other staff and clients.


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