Telephony@Work Introduces CallCenterAnywhere Enterprise Edition v.8.0

Telephony@Work launched CallCenterAnywhere Enterprise Edition Version 8.0, a multi-channel IP Contact Center solution that is integrated-by-design. CallCenterAnywhere V.8.0 provides enterprise contact centers with patent-pending capabilities designed to adapt to technology-driven business processes in the contact center based on customer feedback, agent performance and agent preferences.

CallCenterAnywhere Enterprise Edition V.8.0 measures customer satisfaction directly with end-of-transaction surveys which supplement traditional service level data analysis. The solution implements technology-driven responses to negative customer feedback and adapting routing rules to take account of customer feedback trends for future routing decisions.

For example, In V.8.0, Customer Satisfaction feedback data is leveraged by the CallCenterAnywhere ACD, which enables companies to incorporate customer feedback as a weighted routing metric; allowing companies to route their most important customers to agents that other customers recommend.

In V.8.0, end-of-transaction survey information can also be leveraged to alert supervisors to "relationship emergencies."  Supervisors can listen to buffered call recordings, call the customer back with special offers, and/or discipline the offending agent.

With DCSM, customer feedback can also be leveraged to establish "satisfaction service levels" - data that can drive agent compensation and bonuses.

Since call centers are typically shorthanded in reviewing call recordings, DCSM enables customers to flag calls in need of follow-on review. This empowers contact centers with limited resources to avoid having their managers analyze calls that customers have already indicated went well.

Besides agent skills, relative proficiencies in those skills, and customer satisfaction performance, V.8.0 enables other new variables to also be included in routing decisions in order to maximize efficiency.

Agent Preference Sensitivity

With V.8.0, agents can define how much they like working on different types of calls - and their preferences can be taken into account by the CallCenterAnywhere ACD on a weighted basis along with traditional skills-based variables, outside variables such as idle time, and the new customer satisfaction-based variables introduced in the current release. Agents can define or redefine their preferences as often as they like and the solution will dynamically take those preferences into account on a pre-defined weighted basis.

Since agents who like their work perform better and are less likely to look for other employment opportunities, factoring agent preferences into routing decisions can provide contact centers with a valuable tool for enhancing agent retention rates.

New Supervision Manager Interface

CallCenterAnywhere Enterprise Edition 8.0 includes a new 'Administrative' Supervision Manager interface that complements the standard Supervision Manager interface. This new interface enables individual supervisors to create and customize real-time data fields and reporting information in the interface without programming; in order to display the exact information they need, and manage their teams more efficiently. This interface is web-based; enabling any supervisor to log in from any computer and retain their fully customized user interface. This interface retains Telephony@Work's award-winning real-time agent management capabilities, including the ability to listen to agent calls, view and/or take over agent screens, whisper coach agents, join calls, text chat with agents, send pop-up messages to individual agents or workgroups and record calls on-the-fly as a supplement to scheduled recordings.

Integrated User Interface Support for Crystal Reports

CallCenterAnywhere provides a full suite of built-in comprehensive reports on agents, media types, and project activity.  However, recognizing that companies occasionally require a custom or non-standard report, V.8.0 offers companies the ability to embed the Crystal Reports viewer in the CallCenterAnywhere  Administration Manager interface; in order to enable custom reports to live side-by-side with pre-built CallCenterAnywhere reports. As with previous versions, companies can use Crystal Reports to access the data stored in the CallCenterAnywhere database to produce customized reports which contain the exact content they require. Now those reports need not live outside the solution's integrated user interfaces.

New Campaign Manager Interface

CallCenterAnywhere Enterprise Edition 8.0 includes a new Campaign Manager interface that provides advanced users with the ability to build complex campaigns more quickly in a drag and drop environment. This new Campaign Builder tool provides an icon toolbox that can be easily leveraged to build the routing steps in the contact center, including which workgroups and skill sets to look for, what announcements to play, and how to overflow, as well as to provision highly complex IVR projects. Both inbound and outbound campaigns can be set up using the intuitive drag and drop templates provided in the interface. 

Web Services

CallCenterAnywhere Enterprise Edition is not a 'black box' solution. It is built with an open architecture that leverages web services under the skin. While the vast majority of companies find that the solution's pre-built menu-driven customization options are more than sufficient, companies can also leverage published web services to extend the solution's capabilities as needed, to create innovative solutions or add functionality to the user interfaces of third-party products.

Multi-Dimensional Routing Benefits

V.8.0's unique multi-dimensional routing engine offers companies an easy, automated solution for maximizing efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing agent retention; by taking the agent, customer, and supervisor perspectives into account for important routing decisions," says Eli Borodow, CEO of Telephony@Work. With V.8.0, CallCenterAnywhere empowers companies to automatically optimize customer satisfaction, enhance agent retention and maximize business growth."

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