Tetco Technologies Acquires Voxpilot

Tetco Technologies, a French company dedicated to unified communications and voice and data convergence, has acquired Voxpilot, a major player in VoiceXML technology for interactive voice and video applications.

Thanks to this acquisition ,the Tetco Group can now rely on close to 100 partners and will reinforce its international coverage, especially in the United States, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Going forward, the Tetco Group will benefit from a key technology in the interactive voice response (IVR) and VoiceXML markets, which is currently experiencing strong growth. "This operation will allow us to offer standardized, high-performance, and complete solutions to the market,"  Tristan Balozian, chairman of Tetco Group, said in a statement. "VoiceXML technology is a key card for companies and call centers handling a large number of client interactions. Voxpilot’s technology allows us to use an open standard IVR platform, improving the integration of existing and new applications, thus providing the opportunity to offer new, stand-out services."

As of now, the Tetco Group has added Voxpilot products to its portfolio and will integrate the Voxpilot Open Media Platform (OMP) as the core of its solutions. Tetco Group will be able to offer a large scale of video features to its clients before the end of this year. The combination of voice/data/video will allow the Tetco Group to introduce new services and enable its clients to develop new uses for unified communications, personalized call centers, and more.

Tristan Dessain-Gelinet, CEO of Tetco Group, notes: "This acquisition is a main step in Tetco Group’s development. Our clients will soon be able to rely on a full open-standard VoiceXML platform, while Voxpilot’s clients will be able to benefit from a range of value-added services, such as virtual fax, unique number, etc."

This merger is expected to provide the opportunity for a wide range of applications based on an innovative and state-of-the-art platform using the latest VoiceXML and CCXML international open-standards evolution, according to a letter written to customers by Balozian and Tetco CEO Gilles Meyer. "The  high performance and wide range of features of the Voxpilot Open Media Platform in voice and video, combined with Tetco Technologies' voice/data expertise, applications, and value-added services, will allow for the delivery of feature-rich and scalable solutions," they wrote.
"We are excited about this new opportunity to provide you with a higher level of products and services by combining the best of the Tetco and Voxpilot companies," they said further in the letter.

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