The Asher Group Partners with Wizzard Software

PITTSBURGH —The Asher Group chose Wizzard Software (OTCBB: WIZD) to provide AT&T Natural Voices Server Edition for two of its commercial telephony systems.  Asher Group is a full service telecommunications application service provider.  They design, build, and optionally host applications that require any combination of Web, IVR, and mobile interfaces.  Headquartered in Rochester, New York, their client list includes Eastman Kodak, the American Red Cross and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Hyper-Reach, the Asher Group's Broadcast Notification System, was designed to simplify the outbound calling process.  Hyper-Reach gives users to the ability to create a calling campaign through a Web site portal.  The user enters the desired message and selects the target audience, and the campaign is then initiated. 

This calling service is used by several chapters of the American Red Cross to notify volunteers that their services are needed. The chapters usually have a large bank of volunteers because only a small percentage of them are available at any given time that a disaster strikes.  Powered by the AT&T Natural Voices Server Edition, the system will call the entire bank of volunteers, notify them of the need, and then flag those volunteers who are available for that particular request for aid.

The Asher Group is also using AT&T Natural Voices for their real estate lead generation system, Media Capture.  The Media Capture System enables a broker to create a description of a property which may then be read to a caller English or Spanish using AT&T's TTS technology. 

To create the listing, the real estate broker loads any number of properties, including descriptions, prices, and locations of each, into the system.  Each property is then assigned an identification number, and the property information is made accessible through a call-in system for potential buyers.

At the same time that the property description is read to the caller, a search is performed in a nationwide database to find the caller's name & address.  The caller information is sent as a text message to the broker, along with the property ID for which the caller inquired.  Appointment scheduling is also an option.

Some of the descriptions will later use a professional voice talent to record the description.


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