Tom Tom Adds Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Voices to Its GPS

TomTom, a provider of location and navigation solutions, has added the official voices of Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants to its library of voices now available for users of TomTom devices.

The new voices incorporate dialogue from the Nickelodeon show characters with TomTom device voice commands to help safely and efficiently guide TomTom users to their destinations. Dora the Explorer delivers navigation instructions for the eager explorer, such as, “We need to exit left ahead. ¡Vámonos! We're getting closer!” and “Adventures are better with an explorer like you.” SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends add humor to the navigation commentary with such comments as, “Hey, I don’t have a license to drive. So is it illegal when I drive Mr. Krabs crazy?” and “Exit ahead. Hey, we’re cruisin’ in a car! I’ve only cruised in a boat before!”

“Working with Spot It Out and Nickelodeon enables TomTom to expand the range we can deliver to drivers so that drivers can personalize their devices with an array of fun personalities,” said Tom Murray, senior vice president of market development. “The voices of Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants arrive just in time for TomTom users to enjoy during their summer adventures—from camp carpools to vacations—and keep the whole family entertained along the way.”

TomTom portable navigation devices guide drivers with audible, turn-by-turn instructions and 3D maps that work right out of the box. Users can download voices of their favorite characters voices from TomTom HOME or via www.tomtom.com/page/nickelodeon. Voices of Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob Square Pants are available for download immediately for $12.95 each.

In addition to enjoying the character voices, drivers can begin every journey with their favorite character on their start-up screen. Images of Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants are available for download free of charge exclusively at www.tomtom.com/page/nickelodeon.

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