TranscriptionWing Launches Video Captioning Service

TrancriptionWing, a New York-based transcription company, has launched a video captioning service that gives the deaf and hard-to-hear equal access to video and electronic communications.

The move, according to Maiden Rea Bernaldez, sales and marketing advocate at TranscriptionWing, was motivated as much by social responsibility as it was by existing government regulations.

"The existence of Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which is an anti-discrimination law that requires equal access for disabled people with respect to electronic communications; and the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires video materials shown in public to be accessible to the disabled, made us think that it's a great time for TranscriptionWing to venture into this business. This will definitely help us stay relevant in the transcription industry," she said in a statement.

Bernaldez also added that TranscriptionWing's video captioning service is not just meant to cater the disabled but a great way to break language barriers.

"There's a lot of study that supports this," she said citing a 2010 Michigan State University study that showed that for second language learners, grasping new vocabulary through videos is more effective with video captioning.

TranscriptionWing is now offering its video captioning price for $1.25 per minute.

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