Translate Your World Launches Medical Translation App

Translate Your World, a developer of linguistic and mobile marketing technologies, has released TYWI-Hospital, an online speech translation software specifically designed for hospitals, medical offices, caregivers, and nursing homes. This software creates real-time voice translation as people speak, plus text translation in 78 languages, then further offers support for the hearing- and vision-impaired.

TYWI-Hospital works with any device and any operating system when users type or speak into a Web page, microphone, tablet, or smartphone. The spoken words become automatic captions that are translated in up to 78 languages. The translated words can also be spoken in a synthesized voice in the patient's language. This approach enables basic information sharing between staff and families, administrators, and visitors. Moreover, armed with a tablet, roaming caregivers and trainees have new ways to communicate and entertain their charges.

Translate Your World makes it possible for the following:

  • Receptionists can greet guests in their own language;
  • Nurses can give instructions to patients in their native tongue;
  • Instant captions can be created from speaking voices for the elderly and hearing impaired;
  • Text can be converted into spoken words for the blind;
  • Information can be  extracted from patients about an injury or emergency; and
  • A click can summon a human interpreter in 60 seconds.

Sue Ellen Reager, president of Translate Your World, conceived TYWI-Hospital based upon personal experience. "I have lived in 17 countries and been in hospital in two countries. After an operation in Morocco in a Bedouin clinic with no windows and flies everywhere, I awoke to an entire staff that spoke Arabic, and had no idea whether I would live or die," she said in a statement. "In Rome, it took 30 minutes of hand-waving for the doctor to comprehend that I was allergic to the medication he was giving to me. TYWI-Hospital provides the means for basic communication between the medical professional and those they treat."

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