U.S. Army to Use MedivoxRx's Talking Pill Bottles in Humanitarian Efforts

/>PITTSBURGH - MedivoxRx Technologies Inc. announced that it has received the first order for its Talking Pill Bottle from the U.S. Army in Afghanistan . 


The Army will use the bottles as part of its humanitarian aid efforts to help villagers in Afghanistan properly use the medications that Coalition Forces are dispensing. The Coalition Forces' physicians handle 10,000 children per month in southern Afghanistan 's Pashtun tribal region alone.


Rex, the Talking Pill Bottle, is self-contained, it can be used anywhere, including the rural areas of Afghanistan . No readers, scanners or playback accessories are required for patients to use it. The Coalition Force's can deliver medical instructions to locals, in their own language and dialect.


When they leave a village, the army's humanitarian workers typically leave behind a supply of medications with a village elder. The recordings are made in the local language, Pashto, or any of the other languages used in Afghanistan . A push on the button and the village elder is able to find and administer the correct medication left by the Coalition Forces. The current evaluation of Rex will last approximately one month. At that time, the success of the project will be reviewed. 


If the large-scale trial concludes successfully, the Coalition Forces could begin broad deployment of the talking bottles early next year.

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