University of Maine Chooses SDC to Speech Enable Campus Call Handling

MANCHESTER, NH - System Development Company of New Hampshire Inc. (SDC), a supplier of Speech Recognition and enterprise directory solutions for higher education, announced University of Maine, Orono, will implement SDC's IntelliSPEECH. The outcome of this announcement will be the speech enabling of student, faculty, staff and administrative department directories. IntelliSPEECH allows callers to say the name of the person or department they wish to speak with or access a portal of information. In addition, campus employees will be able to execute pocket pages, change their status (i.e., at desk, in meeting, do not disturb), set reachable at end points and more. SDC's TOTAL CALL HANDLING SOLUTION is a modular, integrated suite of solutions consisting of IntelliSPEECH, IntelliDESK and WebServices. Powered by technology from SpeechWorks International (Nasdaq:SPWX), IntelliSPEECH is a solution that provides a comprehensive telephone directory database accessible via the spoken word. IntelliSPEECH from SDC provides value added services and call processing efficiencies for the calling public, students, faculty and staff. In addition, it provides callers with self-service, allowing them to simply speak the name of a person or department to connect their call, initiate a page, or access a portal of information. IntelliSPEECH eliminates 50-70% of the "routine" calls to operators, allowing them to handle more important tasks and provide a higher level of support to callers who need it.
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