VISA Desjardins Selects BCE Elix and Nü Echo Help to Manage Customers on the Move

MONTREAL, Québec - VISA Desjardins deployed a BCE Elix and Nü Echo solution to automate its change of address calls. In Quebec, a large proportion of residential moves occur around July 1. For VISA Desjardins, this means a particularly heavy call volume from May to July. This seasonal peak has in the past meant hiring, training, and equipping temporary staff to handle the call volume and outsourcing address verification to a third-party company. Rolled out in April 2005, the Change of Address solution had an 82 percent success rate for the months of April through June, with more than 45,000 transactions completed without agent assistance.

BCE Elix and Nü Echo implemented a solution that automates the change of address process by providing a security check to verify the caller's identity, and collecting and then validating the address information. The bilingual English and French solution includes Nü ID, a Security module to verify the caller's identity, and Nü Address, the Change of Address module that collects the caller's new address, the date the new address becomes effective, and the new telephone number. All addresses are checked against the Canada Post database to ensure accuracy.

"The solution saves time and money while guaranteeing quality customer service," says Daniel Partridge, director, finance and information services, at VISA Desjardins. "For VISA Desjardins, it is cost-effective, increases the accuracy of the information collected, and eliminates the logistical challenges we face every year with the greatly increased call volume generated by the moving season."

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