Verdatum Releases Voice Input Platform

Verdatum, a provider of voice productivity and workflow solutions, has released Verbble, an application providing cross-platform speech recognition-driven voice input as an extension of any electronic form or data field across all PC, smartphone, and tablet ecosystems.

Designed to help alleviate the limits of data input in mobile devices and at the desk, Verbble’s voice input functionality increases data input efficiencies by up to five times, providing tremendous time savings and error reduction. Verbble adapts to any form or data input screen (such as contact management systems or PDF forms), providing on-demand speech recognition capabilities while still preserving all of the form’s native input methods.

"The use of voice input is one of the most exciting areas of technology development today," said John Methfessel, president and CEO of Verdatum. "Virtually every technology company is developing voice operation, input, or control for all of the platforms and devices that exist. However, no one has addressed the challenge of providing voice input into the forms, templates, and computer screens enterprises use every day. Verbble leverages and extends speech recognition technology to solve this dilemma in a very straightforward, simple-to-use solution."

With Verbble, Methfessel continued, "We have created a solution where the true potential of Internet-connected smartphones and tablets can be realized by using the one input method that is fast and efficient regardless of device: talking. Businesses can now tap into the power of voice recognition technology regardless of the operating system, forms, or templates in use."

"Verbble represents a huge step forward in the use of speech recognition technology," said Mike Fitzpatrick, chief technology officer at Verdatum. "Previously, users have had to defer to the limits and demands of speech recognition and it was not practical to perform wide-scale voice driven input, not to mention it was only available while sitting at the desk. Verbble now offers speech recognition as a tool to compliment whatever the user happens to be doing, and provides these tools equally at the desk and on the road. The net effect is that the focus returns to the task at hand regardless of location or input source, resulting in unparalleled levels of employee efficiency and productivity."

Supported platforms include Microsoft Windows, Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; Research in Motion BlackBerry, Google Android (Sept 2011), and others. Supported voice recognition languages include U.S., U.K., Australian, and Indian English; Latin American and European Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch.

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