Verint Adds to Voice of the Customer Analytics Portfolio

Verint has extended its Voice of the Customer Analytics portfolio to include SMS feedback in its existing multichannel capabilities, which were announced last month.

The company said that it developed SMS support to round out its portfolio of mobile feedback collection and reporting solutions. Verint's continued focus in this area reflects the rapid changes in mobile technology and the growing number of customers who prefer to communicate via their mobile devices. The company points to data from Portio Research, which forecasted that the worldwide mobile subscriber base is expected to reach 6.5 billion by the end of 2012, taking global mobile penetration to approximately 92 percent, and will reach nearly 8.5 billion by the end of 2016.

Through a central view into customer data, Verint's interactive dashboards allow decision makers to instantly access and share real-time insight, allowing users to organize data and reports side by side, drill down to results, and monitor critical business metrics. The dashboard brings information together, and fuses multiple structured and unstructured data sources, uncovering the unknown.

Verint's latest Enterprise Feedback Management solution enhancements include a new survey designer created through customer-driven requests, helping to reduce time and increase productivity. Customers can easily add and edit questions or choice options from directly within the designer with drag and drop features. The single streamlined unified user interface makes information visible in one location.

"As enterprises start to consolidate technologies to streamline their big data efforts, Verint continues to invest in creating a solution set that provides powerful analytics across all customer channels and is intuitive to use, helping ensure that it supports our customers' unification efforts," said Oren Stern, vice president of voice of the customer analytics at Verint, in a statement.

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