Veritone and OOONA Partner to Create Synthetic Audio Description for Silver Trak Digital

Veritone, creator of the aiWARE artificial intelligence platform, partnered with OOONA to provide a seamless audio description scripting solution for Silver Trak Digital, a major localization and media services company.

With the combination of Veritone Voice and OOONA's cloud-based media localization platform, Silver Trak can now script and synthesize voice audio description programs for blind and visually impaired audiences. The integration also offers seamless multi-language workflows for revoicing, captioning, translation, and transcription projects.

"Working with Veritone and OOONA is a game changer for us," said Silver Trak CEO Tim Creswell in a statement. "Veritone Voice offers amazing multi-language synthetic media capabilities to add to our human voice services, and OOONA develops great user tools for captioning and audio description operators. It means our language operators don't have to pivot between platforms. They can do all of their audio description and captioning work in their native language interface and generate lifelike synthetic voices for quick project turnarounds."

Veritone Voice, a custom synthetic voice cloning solution, allows users to securely and ethically create and monetize synthetic voices in real or digitally immersive worlds, transforming them into different languages, dialects, accents, genders, and more. In addition to a managed service, Veritone Voice provides a self-serve application enabling users to create text-to-speech voice projects with more than 200 stock voice models across more than 100 languages.

"Our innovative yet pragmatic outlook on workflows and our user-centric approach has not only enabled us to lead the market in delivering cutting-edge products and solutions, but also gives companies like Silver Trak a competitive advantage," said OOONA Co-founder and CEO Wayne Garb in a statement. "Now, with the addition of unique capabilities from Veritone Voice, we bring even more value to our customers who rely on best-in-class solutions for their translation, dubbing, and subtitling needs."

"We are pleased to partner with OOONA to bring Silver Trak the unique value of our synthetic voices within the intuitive scripting interface of the OOONA platform," said Drew Hilles, senior vice president of global commercial sales at Veritone, in a statement. "As localization projects become more complex and audience reach expands across cultures and borders, coupled with increasing mandates to service visually impaired audiences, Veritone Voice provides multi-language realistic stock and custom voices for audio description projects that save both time and money."

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